Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

Features To Look For In A Peer Review Management System

Abigail Berry

Many publications will implement peer review processes to help ensure the accuracy and validity of the articles and papers that they publish. Peer review can identify a wide range of mistakes and other issues with papers, but it can be complicated to effectively manage this process when you have a large number of articles and reports that need to be reviewed. Fortunately, there are peer review management systems that can greatly reduce these challenges. These systems can provide a wide range of functions that can help to streamline this process.

Reviewer Notes

During the review process, it can be useful to allow the reviewer to easily document their thoughts and any notes that they may have about the article. Anonymity is an important part of the review process as it will allow the reviewer to be as honest as possible. As a result, the note capabilities can incorporate a number of options that can ensure the privacy of these notes while still being capable of safely storing them.

Analytics Of The Review Process

Keeping your review team functioning efficiently will require the managers to have access to a number of different pieces of important information. Choosing a peer review management system that can track this data will provide valuable insights when it comes to optimizing the flow of articles through the team. Some of this data could include the average review time that each individual has, the number of notes that they provide as well as a host of other data. These capabilities can vary, but most peer review management systems will provide a list of these capabilities or even a working demo product that you can use.

Reviewer Specialties

It is likely that the various members of your review team will have their own specialties. This can allow them to be far more effective at reviewing particular topics. During the process of assigning articles to these individuals, you should make sure to factor in their specialties during this process. To this end, peer review management systems can allow you to easily review your team members to find the one with the skillset that will be best suited to the topic. This capability can be invaluable in helping to reduce the processing time for these articles without impacting the quality of the reviews that are provided. To make the most use of these capabilities, the skillsets of the reviewers will need to be properly entered into the system so that they can be retrieved. 

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