Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

5 Factors That Impact The Cost Of Getting Your Tower Painted

Abigail Berry

If you own an electrical tower, you have to keep the tower property painted so that it is easily identifiable and not a risk to low-flying aircraft. Painting your electrical tower also protects it against electrical interference and rust while keeping pets away.

1. Height

First, the height of your tower is going to impact the overall cost of painting it. The taller it is, the more paint is going to require. Also, the taller it is, the more labor hours will have to be spent painting it. Taller towers cost more to paint and maintain.

2. Location

Second, where your tower is located matters as well; if your tower is located right in the middle of a big city, you shouldn't face any additional charges. If your tower is located on the side of a steep hill, several miles from the nearest town, it will cost more to paint it. You will be charged based on how easy it is to access the tower and get supplies to it, as well as how far the paint crew has to drive to paint it.

3. Tower Type

When it comes to the tower, they are not all made the same. The main types of towers are self-supported, monopole, and guyed towers.

A monopole tower has one stem that extends upwards and is anchored to the ground. This is a relatively simple tower to paint, but depending on how tall it is, it can require the use of special equipment to paint it fully.

A self-supported tower has either three or four sides. Each side has more of a lattice-type structure to it. This type of tower can be scaled to paint by people. However, it presents a lot of square footage to be painted with the lattice-like design of its structure.

A guyed tower is exceptionally tall and supports an antenna off the ground.

Each type of tower presents its own challenges and requirements and will impact your total cost.

4. Materials & Labor

Fourth, you are going to have to pay for the cost of the paint. You want to use paint that is specially formulated for outdoor usage. You also want to use reflective paint, as you want your tower to be easy to see from far away.

You will also face a supply charge for the paintbrushes and equipment used to paint your tower. These tools are usually not reusable, so you will have to pay for them.

You are also going to have to pay the labor to paint the tower. The labor costs are going to be higher than if you were just hiring someone to paint the inside of your home, as they have to paint at high heights, often scaling the structure or using special equipment to do so.

5. Inspection

Finally, you will have to pay to get a formal inspection to ensure that the paint meets the legal requirements. You will have to pay a climbing crew to go all the way up to the top of the tower and test the paint on the tower.

When it comes to tower painting, the height, location, and type of tower will impact the materials and labor required to paint it, and thus the overall cost of doing so. Additionally, you will need to pay for an inspection after the painting to certify that you are meeting all legal requirements. 


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