Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

Custom Signage For A Commercial Parking Lot

Abigail Berry

If standard parking signs are not always effective in directing patrons to the parking areas that you have designated for them, or if busy occasions often result in an influx of traffic that makes it more difficult than normal for motorists to find their way to a parking section that will be adequate for their vehicles, displaying custom signage can help people navigate the lot. Reflective signs, directional signs, and sandwich boards are three types of custom signs that can be installed temporarily or permanently.

Reflective Signs

If the lighting in the lot isn't bright or if you do not want to invest a lot of money in digital signage or other signage that lights up, purchasing reflective signs is a cheaper option. Prismatic reflectors that are secured to signage will aid with alerting people to areas that are off-limits or classified parking sections that are designated for varying vehicle types. This type of signage will be effective when it is dark outside or on days when precipitation is minimizing visibility.

Purchase metal signs that contain a reflective coating, and decide what type of custom printing to have added to them. The reflective signs can be used to classify parking areas that are alphabetized or numbered, or they can be used to relay a specific message that relates to your business and the parking requirements for each vehicle type.

Directional Signs

Parking lot striping that is set up diagonally should be accessed by traffic that is traveling in a specific direction. If some of the striping has faded, directional signs that are displayed along the perimeter of the lot will notify motorists of which aisles they should access and the direction that their vehicles should be traveling. Order custom signage that contains fluorescent fields and black arrows. Purchase signage that is secured to metal poles and install the signs along the end of each aisle that comprises a parking area.

Sandwich Boards

Sandwich boards are three-dimensional signs that can have wording adding to both sides of them. This type of sign can be displayed next to a parking area's entrance and exit, and can also be used when directing traffic onto grassy surfaces that are temporarily going to be used for parking purposes. If there are occasions in which your commercial lot lacks enough parking areas for the projected amount of visitors, purchase a couple of sandwich boards that can be used to direct motorists to alternate parking areas.


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