Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

Finding An Abandoned Well On Your New Property: Four Steps To Take

Abigail Berry

Purchasing a large piece of land can come with some important maintenance responsibilities. This can include dealing with abandoned water wells. This is particularly true if you have purchased land in a rural area. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to locate and deal with abandoned wells to prevent liability issues and keep your property properly maintained. Use the following steps as a guide to handle an abandoned water well.

Do A Thorough Search

You may not even know that there is an abandoned well on your property, so it's a good idea to inspect the land upon purchase. Well caps or pipes protruding from the ground can be signs, and you may even find an old well house on the property in some rural locations. You may also be able to source land maps from the county that may have markers indicating well locations. If you are unsure how to find a well on your property, you can contact a well plugging service to help.

Restrict Access To The Area

If there is a chance of small children or animals coming into contact with a well shaft or concrete housing for a well, it's a good idea to restrict access to the area. You can work with a temporary fence company to cordon off the area until the well can be decommissioned, and you can also post warning signs to help prevent people from wandering into the area. Adding a fence can also make it easier for your well plugging company to locate the correct well for decommissioning.

Contact The Proper Government Agency

For environmental reasons, it's important to contact the correct government agency before plugging or back-filling the well.There may be specific requirements in your area for dealing with the well, and there may also be reasons that the ground around the well may need to be tested before the well is taken out of commission. The proper agency may vary from state to state, but you can contact your local county government for guidance. You can also get in touch with the Environmental Protection Agency to help find the right departments to talk to about your well. 

Hire A Well Plugging Service

Attempting to fill or plug the well on your own can be dangerous, and it may even violate local laws and regulations. Instead, hire a company experienced with well maintenance and water well plugging in Houston, TX. The company can help you file the correct paperwork and permits, and it can also ensure the job is performed according to local regulations. You can also use the well company to inspect the active wells on your property to make sure they are in proper working condition.


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