Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

Outfitting Your 4WD Truck For The Upcoming Deer Hunting Season

Abigail Berry

If you and your friends are planning an epic deer hunting trip for this fall, then it is important that you outfit your four-wheel drive truck with all of the necessary after-market equipment to help make your trip a success. While you may not need to install radical items like puncture-proof Kevlar tires, there are many things that will make your trip a lot easier, safer, and more fun, including:

A Self-Recovery Winch

Since you and your friends will be driving your truck down a lot of remote roads while you are looking for places to hunt the deer, you need to be prepared to extract your truck if it gets stuck in the mud or some soft sand. The easiest way to get your truck back on the road in these scenarios is to use a self-recovery winch.

If your truck has a brush guard on its front bumper, then you can install a fixed-mount winch to the bottom of the guard. If you don't have a brush guard, then you can purchase a free-standing winch to use.

A Roof-Mounted Light Bar

Since there are no street lights in the woods, the forest is a very dark place at night. While you will be able to see better by using your truck's high beams, your best vision is to be had by installing a light bar on the top of your truck's cab.

If you are worried about the light bar pulling a lot of electrical power out of your truck's electrical system, then you should opt for one of the new LED options. LED lights are brighter and use less power than traditional bulbs. This makes LED light bars ideal for off-roading in remote areas.

A Battery with Extra Cranking Power

Since you don't want to suffer from a dead battery out in the woods while hunting, you should ensure your truck has a strong battery with a lot of cranking power. If the battery is getting old or doesn't like to start your truck in the cold weather, then replace it before you leave on your trip. For more information, contact companies like Battery Tree.

A Spare Tire and Jack

Before you leave on your deer hunting trip, you must make sure that you have a quality spare tire and a good jack capable of lifting your truck. While you can use a "donut" type of spare in town, you cannot use one on a rocky or gravel road. For this reason and to ensure you are able to get back out of the woods safely if your truck gets a flat tire, you must have a full-size spare tire that is fully inflated.

In addition, since you will need to jack up your truck on the uneven surface of a dirt road, you should also bring along a thick piece of lumber you can safely set the jack on top of.

A Chainsaw

Finally, while not installed on your truck, you should also bring along a chainsaw and gasoline on your deer hunting trip. As you are out in the forest driving down remote roads, you must have the ability to remove dead fall trees that are blocking your path.


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