Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

3 Ways To Keep Employees In The Office

Abigail Berry

One of the big problems with running an office is keeping employees happy. If you are an office manager, and you're role is to make sure that everyone is happy and productive, it can sometimes be quite a challenge. There are plenty of legitimate reasons that someone might feel uncomfortable and want to get up and go for a walk and stretch their legs, or perhaps it's more of an issue of heading out to get something to eat or a drink. But if it becomes a persistent issue where the entire office is short staffed because people are leaving, then it can hurt the productivity of the place. With that said, here are some ways to keep your people in the office:

More Comfortable Chairs

One reason people might feel the need to get up and leave the office is that they are uncomfortable. A major source of discomfort in offices is badly designed office chairs. These chairs are where the employees have to sit all day, so it is important that they be properly designed. If your office is using old chairs or chairs that are not ergonomically designed, then you need to remedy the situation. It's no good to just get a chair that is brand new, you want to get chairs that are designed to be comfortable, not just nice looking. Don't make the mistake of choosing chairs for their aesthetic appeal.

Healthy Food Options

Another great option to consider is to stock up the office kitchen with healthy snacks. This will prevent people from running out to grab something to eat (aside from their normal lunch time breaks). And the reason you should take care and stock up on healthy items is that you don't want your employees to eat junk food all day. That's not great for their health, as well as morale. People will crash and burn if they eat nothing but cookies and chips and sodas. Plus, those who like health food won't have to run out and pick up their protein bars, nuts, or organic vegetable chips. You can get a company to stock all this stuff for you.

Spring Water and Quality Coffee

Finally, you want to have good water and coffee. People won't like to drink water from the faucet, and it's a nice gesture to have cold, fresh spring water delivered to them so that they don't have to run out and buy bottled water. Also, it's great to have on hand in case your office has lots of clients who come in for meetings. You always want to be able to offer them water or coffee. And it's much nicer to have nice fresh coffee to offer them, as opposed to burnt coffee that has been sitting on the burner all morning. So, when you are contacting the spring water delivery service, make sure that you also have them supply a coffee pod system where you can make single cups of fresh coffee.


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Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

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