Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

Finding A Janitorial Service: Questions Needing Answers

Abigail Berry

Seeing a list of dozens of janitorial service companies when you start looking for help cleaning your offices can be frustrating. From all of those companies, you have to find one that is both affordable and effective at their work. To get insight into whether a particular company is best, use these questions.

1. What are Your Services?

While you obviously want a cleaning company that vacuums carpets, you might also need additional services. For example, you may need to have second story windows cleaned frequently. Obtain a list of services from each business you consider; even if you don't need all of their services right now, knowing that you can change your mind without having to do an entirely new search later can be helpful.

2. Do You Provide A La Carte Pricing?

If you do find yourself only wanting certain services performed because of your budget or other reasons, it's smart to ask now about whether you can select the service you'll use without having to invest in complete packages. So-called "a la carte" pricing will save money.

3. Which Products are Used?

If you take pride in running an environmentally-friendly business, it's important that you're aware of any janitorial companies that work with all-natural cleaners. Even if you don't mind traditional cleaning products, it makes sense that you'd ask about them so you can do some research and find out whether the cleaners are generally regarded as high-quality.

4. Is Weekend Work Offered?

If you've got a high-paced, busy office space, watching your own employees walk around cleaning staff or delay their own work while cleaning is taking place could be incredibly distracting for everyone. For that reason, you've got to know whether weekend service is offered. It may come with additional costs, but allowing both the cleaning staff and your employees to work without interruption may be preferred.

5. Can You Describe Staff Training?

Cleaning can seem like a simple job to do, but training, as in any field, can mean a higher quality of work. What kind of training does a janitorial service offer their employees? How often is training updated? You should know that so you're confident about how well the work is going to be done in your building.

The information gleaned from a discussion with managers or owners of individual janitorial service businesses can make your decision a simpler one. Discuss your building with a few janitorial companies and get one that answers these questions satisfactorily.


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