Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

3 Questions You Should Know The Answers To When You Are Contacting Desktop Support Or IT

Abigail Berry

Given that more than 80 percent of homes in the United States have a computer and almost three out of every one hundred employed persons in the U.S. work from home at least half of the time, it's obvious that many households use and depend on the functionality of their computers. However, using a computer and understanding how to troubleshoot its issues as they occur are two very different things, which means that IT support is both essential and in-demand.

Therefore, when it's time to speak with desktop support about issues with your computer, it's best to remember that those professionals are likely to ask you a few key questions as part of their evaluation of the issues. The following are just a few questions that you might be asked by the support staff.

#1 Are You At The Computer Now?

Although in theory it may sound as if making use of your lunch break at work or waiting for the kids to come out from school is a great time to call technical support, it's rarely a good choice. The only time it might be appropriate or useful would be if you had a fair amount of extra time and you are experiencing a problem with your laptop computer. In addition, you should also remember that accessing the internet is sometimes necessary for effective troubleshooting, so you would need to have a reliable source for that.

That is due to the fact that part of determining a problem with a computer often requires you to put numbers, codes, and other vital information into the computer and report the results to the technical support agent with whom you are speaking. Since you cannot do that in the car with your desktop, it's best to call in for assistance only when you have the time and internet access to determine the problem.

#2 What Operating System Are You Using?

Since there several different operating systems, which might also be known as your OS, you'll need to know which system your computer uses. However, it's also a good idea to know which version of the OS your computer uses and if any updates have been made to the OS recently. If the operating system isn't running as it should, you might notice your computer shutting down or freezing unexpectedly. 

The software, including your internet browser, that your computer uses requires an intact and fully functioning OS in order to work as it should. As a result, troubleshooting the operating system is frequently one of the first steps when computer issues have occurred.

#3 What Type Of Antivirus And Anti-spam Software Does The Computer Use?

Sadly, computer viruses, spam, and other malicious attacks on computers are responsible for many of the technical issues plaguing computer uses today. It might be shocking to learn that in the two years prior to September of 2016, 16 milion homes experienced significant problems related to computer viruses. In addition, 8 million homes had spyware problems in just six months prior to that date. 

As a result, the technical support person with whom you will  be speaking will need to know how your computer is being protected against infection. If there is no protection or the protection that exists is not adequate, that information can narrow down the problem and its cause.


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