Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

Can Tinting Your Car's Windows Prevent Skin Cancer?

Abigail Berry

If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, you may wonder how this frequent sun exposure is aging your skin. Although it's unlikely you'll become sunburned just by driving on a bright, sunny day, the cumulative effect of years of unfiltered sun exposure could lead to rapid aging on the left side of your face and your left arm. In some cases, this extra sun exposure could lead to a greater risk of skin cancer, especially if you're already in a high-risk group (by having fair skin, a higher than average number of moles, or a family history of skin cancer). What can you do to protect against this risk? Read on to learn more about how window tinting could help protect your skin from harmful UV rays and therefore prevent the acquisition or spread of skin cancer. 

How does window tinting protect against UV rays?

Although modern vehicles have windows and windshields that are treated to help filter out some UV rays, these factory window treatments don't filter out most of the rays (or even the most harmful ones). Over many years of frequent daytime driving, this sun exposure can add up. In fact, photos taken of semi truck drivers and delivery personnel after decades of driving can tell a clear story through the significant photoaging on the left side of the driver's face. 

In order to fully filter out these UV rays, window tinting or UV shielding is generally your best bet. Window tinting involves the placement of a thin, shaded film on each of your vehicle's windows; this film can prevent the entry of UV rays, keeping your vehicle cooler and more comfortable while also providing visual privacy. 

Could tinting your windows prevent skin cancer? 

Because window tinting can filter out sunlight (and therefore UV rays) that would otherwise come pouring in through your vehicle's windows, it can be a great way to protect against skin cancer. However, you may want to ensure that the window tint you have installed is designed for UV filtration; some cheaper brands of tint may not provide the coverage you need, giving you a false sense of security. 

You'll also want to keep your local and state traffic laws in mind when tinting your windows. For security reasons, many states have laws prohibiting ultra-dark tint that doesn't allow police or other law enforcement personnel to see inside a vehicle. Fortunately, there are many lighter varieties of window tint that are still more than sufficient to keep out harmful UV rays.

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