Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

Sizing A Deep Fryer For Your Concession Stand

Abigail Berry

If you're not new to the world of food service, but you're a novice in the area of concession food servicing – one thing you aren't short on is questions. Operating a successful concession trailer requires you to take all your skills and knowledge from your experience with a larger operation and shrink it down to a smaller size. This idea even applies to your equipment, namely the size of deep fryer you select.

How Large Is the Trailer?

Start the selection process by considering the size of the trailer. There are few things that will slow down productivity more than having a space you can't easily move around. Not just with deep fryers, but with every piece of equipment you select, size is very important.

If you're operating a larger unit, such as a converted trailer for an 18-wheeer, size will be less of a concern. But for a smaller area, it's very important. If space is really limited, you may even need to stick with a table top unit so that the area can serve dual functions.  

What Will You Serve?

While the second question, what you will serve on the menu also has a lot to do with size. For example, take an operation that only serves 1-2 fried items, and they aren't even high sellers, then take another operation that fries nearly every item on their menu.

For the latter, even if they are operating in a smaller space, having a larger unit is more important and for the first example, even if they have plenty of space, it would make more sense for them to simply have a table-top unit. Frequency of use should always play a role in sizing.  

How Large Is the Crowd?

Consider is the size of the crowd you plan to serve by thinking about where you plan to operate. Will you be on a fixed corner in your local city or do you plan to travel the country going to different events?

Customers that visit concession and food truck operations aren't typically willing to wait as long as they would at a traditional restaurant. Ensure you can meet their needs in as short of an amount of time as possible by choosing a fryer that is sized to meet the anticipated flow of traffic. It's helpful to again assesses your menu items when making this determination.

Sure, the type of fryer and its design are important, but its sizing is equally relevant. Choose a deep fryer that is sized with your needs in mind. Contact a commercial equipment provider, like CS Techs Inc, for more help.


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