Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

Any Business Can Benefit From A Web Prescence

Healthy At The Desk: 2 Ways To Improve Your Employees' Health

Abigail Berry

If you are responsible for outfitting your office with furniture, and you are concerned about the health of your employees, then you should take a special interest in the desk and chair situation. Sitting for prolonged periods of time, especially if you don't have a good office chair, can be very bad for your posture and overall health. It can lead to back pain, which in turn can lead to bad morale. There is a solution to this problem, however. You can swap out the old, non-supportive office chairs, for something that is much more conducive to health. Here are two different options to choose from.

Ergonomic Chairs

The best solution to the problem of bad office chairs is to get ergonomically designed chairs that are good for you employees back. These chairs are designed with lumbar support in mind. The design helps to prevent slouching, and it also keeps the lower back supported. This is good because slouching, and bad posture in a chair, can lead to long term health problems. The better designed the support, the more comfortable it will be for your employee to sit properly.

Another good feature of a well-designed office chair is the ability to adjust the height. This way employees can tailor the height of the seat to their own comfort level. So, an employee who is 6'5 won't have to hunch over and strain their neck while looking at their keyboard, just as a petite employee won't feel self-conscious at their desk and have to have their head tilted up constantly; they can simply boost themselves up to a proper height.

Standing Desks

If you have enough office space, and you are looking for something that is really going to allow your employees to offset the negative effects of constant sitting, then a standing desk is a great idea. These desks can be adjustable so that the employee can sit for a period of time during the day, and then stand up and adjust the desk to a height which allows them to stand at their computer. The desks can be manually adjusted using levers or even a pneumatically powered button.

In addition to adjustable standing desks, you could also opt for standing desks that are in a fixed position. You could station these at one corner of the office and allow employees to walk over with their laptops during the day to get a change from sitting all day.

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